Modelling an arm in Maya

I started by preparing some references and putting them only reference layers on different planes so i could use them to help me model the human/zombie arm.

Capture1maya ref arms

I started with a cylinder and worked out from there.

Capture2arm polygon not good...

Capture3 arm elbow poop

The inside of the elbow was great but the actual elbow (the outside) just wasn’t right and took some work to sculpt into something that looks like an actual human elbow.

Capture4 arm elbow goop


Creating the finger begins in the same way as the arm. Fingers are actually kind of funny looking when you really look at them.


By deleting faces on the hand model and arm, i can bridge them together, and will use this same technique when attaching the fingers and thumb to the hand.


I was able to use the same finger model and just duplicate it, even for the thumb with some adjusting and losing about a third of it.



I have begun shaping the palm a little bit more as well.


Hey it actually kind of looks like a hand! I have tried to model some knuckles on the hand here as well.


Its not finished but i managed to progress a lot today with this arm, the proportions are not exactly right and i need to adjust it a bit, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it is looking and what ive created using what I’ve been learning in Maya at the moment.

I can add finger nails if i want by using the faces on the fingers and shaping them, but i could also just paint them on when it comes to that.

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