Idea for Zombie VS Robot Animation





I made a sort of rough storyboard/comic about the idea:




Looking at the comic/storyboard i think that it could be a little cluttered from time to time- too much stuff on screen at once, and it could definetly be more streamlined and focus on whats important more. I’m not sure how long this animation would turn out to be if i just did it as it is here, maybe it would be too long, but the pacing is something i will need to think about a little bit more as well.

I think it would be cool to suggest that the arm comes from an accident in the laboratory, and it’s a scientists arm which has just been chopped off by a machine or laser beam or something.

So the robot arm is not used to working on such a thing. So when the arm appears it is new to the robot arm, it looks around to see if it’s ok to look closer and it seems OK so the robot allows it’s curiosity to get the better of it. It prods the arm, and then decides to turn on a device which it connects to the arm and the arm comes to life – flopping around sporadically. The robot arm moves away from the human arm quickly, then from side to side as it judges what to do. The robot arm manages to grab onto the human arm which causes the human arm to grab onto the robot arm. The robot arm flails from side to side to throw the human arm off it, and after the human arm briefly waves around holding onto the robot arm, it ends up flying off. The robot arm looks in the direction the human arm flew off in, then looks left and right – decides that no one saw what happened and goes back to what it was doing – if it could whistle then it would be whistling (there should be a way to convey this feeling with the robot arm, camera angles and stuff as well – will need to think about this a bit more – possibly could have the robot arm sigh- body language and a robotic sigh accompanying it).

  • Equilibrium: A robot arm is working in a laboratory.
  • Disruption: A human arm appears and the robot brings it to life and it goes mental!
  • Equilibrium: The human arm grabs onto the robot arm and gets flung away. The robot arm goes back to working in the laboratory.

I did a little bit of drawing today on Photoshop, and because this project is about arms I drew some..Hands.jpg


Same idea slightly different:

Black screen – credits fade in white text (title, created by, etc)

Voice: “This way Mr. Johnson, thank you for signing up to participate in our scientific study today, just step inside and the experiment will begin.”

Mr. Johnsons voice: “Okey dokey

Voice: “Now you’re going to hear some noises in a moment from the machine so don’t be too alarmed.”

*Machine begins to warm up sounds

Mr. Johnsons voice: “no probl…”

*Laser sounds slice through the air, whirring saws whizz by and cutting and grinding sounds are accompanied by mr johnsons screams – which end abruptly.

Fade in to a sign which says ‘arms dept.’ (or something, ‘sentient industries’ maybe or ‘next life research facility’ or ‘research dept’ whatever) and a light next to it. zoom out to reveal a room with a robot arm in it. There is a hole in the ceiling or wall and an x on the floor beneath it.

The light blinks on and the robot arm comes to life – lifting up from a drooped down ‘idle’ position, it stretches and comes alive and looks around the room. We hear a rumbling like something travelling down a metal chute getting louder and a human arm tumbles out of the hole onto the x marked on the floor.

The robot arm reacts to the arm with a jump (sort of) and then closely inspect the dead looking arm, cocking its hand to the side like a puppy (for example, i mean a human does too i guess but puppies are cute..) cocks its head. It prods the arm and backs away and then gets bold and tries to pick up the human arm when it springs to life. The robot arm backs away quickly, pulling away and becoming tall to escape the flailing human arm. The human arm gets some kind of traction and starts moving more efficiently instead of just flopping around and the robot arm gets worried as the human arm moves towards it.

So the robot arm smashes the human arm until it stops moving -like maybe six or seven times really hard and violently. The human arm stops moving except for a twitchy finger or something (would i have to model a new destroyed human arm?)

The robot arm looks left then right and sighs – at least it does the action obviously it cant sigh (unless there was a little vent and i let some steam escape from the vent accompanied by a sigh sound and movement, then i guess it could sigh).

Fade to black ‘The end’ fades in (white text)

Cut to the robot arm against wall background, the human hand appears behind the robot suddenly with a silly wave and then a claw shape that grabs towards the robot arm just as it is turning around to see the human arm. Cut just as the human arm is about to reach the robot arm.

The end!


Robot arm sounds: 

whirring, clicking – when its moving

beeps – for expression (r2d2 style)

Human arm sounds: 

Flippity floppity sounds for movement – organic (Will record my own arm – need to think about which kind of surface will give me a good sound so might need to experiment a bit)

It would be really cool if the robot arm had a human brain in a jar on it or something, like it was not just a robot arm, but had more life in it. But of course i could portray this in different ways, just a power cord or two i suppose, but it would look cool if it was being run by a brain!

The human arm could be all tattooed and scarred, and Mr Johnsons voice could be really gruff and deep to accompany that character. The scientists voice should probably be kind of higher and sinister or with an edge to it somehow that makes the viewer wonder about him – so slower and oddly paced maybe..

This idea summarised:

A robot arm meets a human arm.

A robot arm meets a human arm which comes to life.

A robot arm meets a human arm which comes to life and it reacts by trying to kill it.

Another possibility i quite liked was the idea that the arm is from an accident in a factory assembly line building things. The robot arm discovers the arm and goes through much the same kind of things in the previous idea, perhaps it tries to use the human arm somehow before tossing it aside to continue with its repetitive job that it was built for.

The robot arm could be the only arm to actual move and have life, which would be a bit risky because both arms should really be animated, but it would be interesting to see the dynamic of an assembly robot arm coming to life, and not the human/zombie arm.

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