Like a fish out of water!

Words and Pictures Project

I ended up creating an animated video about the saying ‘Like a fish out of water’ for this project. It is a little longer than 30 seconds (41 secs), but the script i wrote was almost perfectly 30 seconds, but i ended up adding a little something to the end because i thought it would add some humour to the piece that would be appreciated by the audience and the titles add some time too, anyway here’s the final video:

So this video is about the saying ‘like a fish out of water’ which is like to feel awkward in a situation or whatever.

If i had more time i may have thought about imagery more, using the words to create a dead fish image or something like that. I would also make sure to distinguish between the two voices with different colour text. This change, although not vital- because I think it works just as well as it is to convey the message/joke/whatever and that it’s a convo between two voices- it would help anyway and wouldn’t be too difficult to do at all. 

I tried to use a range of different movements and effects/transitions to make the video really come to life and be more visually interesting to the audience without going overboard and being distracting to the content; which is bizarre, but i think its also kind of funny- of course i would because i made it, but the point of the video is to showcase that I can make this kind of video, and I hope it does that at least. I made the animation in Adobe After Effects, then I exported it to Adobe Premiere Pro and edited the film together. In After Effects I was able to use key frames to adjust the text in various ways to animate it, for example I used the opacity to make the text appear; by setting a key frame and putting the opacity at 0%, then moving forward a frame (or more depending how quickly you want it to appear) and then increase the opacity to 100%. This ended up becoming a bit of staple for my animation actually…

*I still need to adjust the sound for the video, the music is a touch loud compared to the too quiet speech audio.

I decided i had some time to do something so i did this:

And then this:

Here is a screenshot from Premiere – it shows the entire animation start to finish (with the gratuitous additional NTU Animation bit at the end). It shows how i organise everything and the inner workings of the final piece; you can even see the effects attached to parts of the video and audio. Video on top and audio on the bottom. You can see that the main animation and audio is basically uncut- because i animated to the audio and they fit together and when i planned my script i planned it so i didn’t end up having to cut stuff up to make it work later.


I am really glad that i revisited the project anyway (even though really i should be focusing on the next one), this is because the end product is much better – even with only so many changes i think it has made a big difference. Also i just really like adding those ‘NTU animation’ bits to the ends of my animations and am glad i did another one!

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