Project 7 – Words & Pictures


Thinking about images as counterpoint to words, look for emphasis, direct an actor, record and animate it…


To discover how although text and typography often accompany words and ideas, how can font, rhythm, pattern, weight of stroke and motion blur help emphasize or obscure meaning?

So i have to create a 30 second animation (@ 24FPS, format MP4 H264 file format @ 1280×720) by next Friday.

An idea:

Words in words. A word could appear and then a word within that word is revealed, with the deletion or changing of the other letters to reveal the word in the word. E’g: meow in homeowner! Ass in Grass! Star in starve! Rat in fraternity! Lion in Million! Ran in Orange!

So when the word Million appears on screen there is money sounds, maybe some kind of champagne bottle or something, maybe the word millions, then when the word lion is revealed there is a lions roar, or an impression of the lion from the wizard of oz. The word could be revealed by the letters (mil) being dragged away by an unknown source accompanied by a lions roar. This would marry the typography with the sounds very well, and give them more reason and emphasise.

Perhaps i could also do a word that jumbles up into a new word (god and dog for example).


When i was looking this over and deciding what kind of animation i wanted to make i came to the decision that i didn’t want to go this route. I had another idea, which was just recording a small conversation about a phrase or word, where one party explains it to the other.

So i ended up choosing the well known phrase “Like a fish out of water” which means when someone feels awkward in an unusual environment to them. They are struggling with it like a fish would struggle with being out of water.

Anyway i decided that it was funny to me, these two guys, one who doesn’t understand at all thinking that it means when someone is dying or whatever, and the other just trying to explain it isn’t but giving up in the end. Its short and sweet (hopefully).  Heres what i came up with anyway:img001

Storyboard idea:

storyboard 1 for wordsstorboard 2 for words

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