Origins : P-Slice

P-Slice is the pepperoni pizza slice that was brought to life!

An ordinary man who lives amongst ordinary people on an ordinary street in an ordinary Victorian terraced house in London has the unbelievable ability to create life from inanimate objects, the only problem is that he has no control over this ability whatsoever! The man in question (we will call him Bob) has other amazing abilities, he is super-strong and he can fly, but nobody knows! He uses his superpowers for good (as Super Bob!) but generally just wants to live a normal life, so he keeps everything a secret. (but his back-story is not the one we are interested in..)

Having superpowers is great but whenever he sneezes he ends up accidentally bringing the objects he is touching to life! Bob is a good guy though, he feels obligated to the things he brings to life, and they see him as a father figure and would inevitably get into trouble without him – at the very least potentially give his identity away, so he is stuck with them! So they all live in Bobs basement, where they are safe and cannot get into any trouble! Well, not as much trouble anyway..

P-Slice is a slice of pizza that Bob was about to eat, when all of a sudden he was sneezed into existence! The little pizza slice grew a body and arms and legs and a face, oh and of course he gained sentience!

His first words were “OW! MY BUTT!?”


Front and side views of P-Slice. He is wearing clothes that were made for him by one of the objects who he lives with in Bobs basement. Not all the objects wear clothes, but P-Slice wants to be Bobs sidekick and go on adventures! So he has to have a superhero costume, so he looks the part, and then surely Super Bob will take him on awesome superhero missions to save the world!

For now P-Slice will have to wait, Bob said he would take him with him when he’s ready. For now he must continue getting ready, practicing his sneaking and hiding stealth skills and his terrifying boo-scare tactics, ooh and his amazing dance workouts that are fun for everyone (EVERYONE!!) where his skin tight costume really pays for itself!

character turnaround

*P-Slice doesn’t have any bones so he can move in some really great ways, and of course stretch like pizza dough and melted cheese!

P-Slice is full of energy. Like so totally full to the brim right up to here it’s so full it’s overflowing full of energy. And he is very emotional, which can be difficult for those around him. He’s a drama Queen who takes everything way too seriously, but he means well, although he does do some silly stuff. Stuff that anyone with a brain would have seen was not going to work, but P-Slice doesn’t always think things through, which means he rushes into things like a maniac sometimes!

There are a fair few different objects that were sneezed into existence, some from when Bob was very young, right up to last week. There are new objects now and again, sometimes a fair few come in if Bob is unwell and sneezing a lot! Some don’t have to live in the basement, and there are even a few objects who have gone out with Bob before. (there is also a good chance that Bob has sentient objects in other locations, like lockers and car boots. He just hasn’t got around to moving them, and sometimes the objects living there are happy enough. Although Bob left one object alone and forgot about him- and that object eventually went looking for Bob, and found out he was abandoned. And now he has sworn an oath to destroy Bob for what he did, which as you can imagine is quite a nuisance, and fairly depressing for Bob. Luckily the object is not very clever and so far his plans all backfire or turn out to be harmless, so Bob basically allows it to continue..)

Anyway the objects all have different personalities, some are lazy and some are content with their lives. Fixed to the TV watching shows all day and night! Some are grumpy and some are happy, there is a good mix! P-Slice is excited about everything and gets on the others nerves from time to time, but they all get on well really, like a big family. They are all very loyal to Bob, and Bob makes sure he pops his head in as often as he can, which isn’t always that often because he is so busy.


Did a little doodle of P-Slice at an awkward moment where he is desperate for a wee! Then i decided to do a few more of him in different moods and basically a doodled expression sheet.

Note that his eyes don’t have eyelids, so it is difficult for him to express emotions that way, and also its basically impossible for him to close his eyes.. (more on that later..) To get around his eyelidlessness P-Slice’s pupils morph a little bit to help convey how he is feeling, and he also has floating eyebrows, or at least I’m playing around with the idea of him having floating eyebrows..

Also note that he has a bendy body and especially bendy floppy head, oh and also a really sweet round ass. its nicely toned and toight and in his skin tight suit its like he’s wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all… Stupid sexy pizza slice!


It must be hard enough being a superhero and trying to live an ordinary life, let alone when you keep sneezing your food or your toothbrush into existence. Oh God or your left shoe, I literally can’t even… and now of course the right shoe is useless, but then the left show bugs you forever for the right shoe, which you give him, but now he keeps bugging you about bringing it to life, and then you’re stood there with pepper in one hand and that right shoe in the other trying to Sneeze onto the shoe and just thinking where did it all go so terribly wrong in my life that I’m stood here doing this!


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