Alter Ego – final film

This is the final animation for the Alter Ego project, my first project using Maya dn working in 3D!

I found that i had some issues trying to get the lighting right, in the end i didn’t manage to get shadows coming from all the objects either. It was supposed to be a darkened basement and overall i think that i managed to get the feel of the environment right, but i could have done with some more lighting to just highlight certain things, and had i enough time i would have lit the vent section much more appropriately. I managed to get the vents to open and close properly, which was a massive boost having something animated in the scene as the camera was moving around, as i had decided that the doors would not be animated.

I think the perspective was really successful, it really feels like a small character is moving around the environment, but i was unable to make the camera bob up and down which would have simulated the walking of the character.

In the end i decided that the environment was going to be more homely, and the characters who lived there were a mixture of different things, so i furnished the basement with the sorts of things that reflected the characters that lived there (in the vent bedroom for p-slice) but also the never-seen superhero who created p-slice. I would have liked to have put a lot more objects into the environment; like books, shelves, magic eight ball, sports gear, plates and cutlery, a fridge (that opened with food inside!) games, a beanbag, a glowing night light, and a bunch of other things. But when it came to managing my time i had to consider the more important objects and then reign myself in as i was working. I hope to revisit this basement anyway as i improve my Maya skills with modelling and stuff. It would be really cool to actually model a suit of armour!



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