Today I’ve been playing around with Maya. The Alter ego project is about creating an environment for a character to live in, and i am tying the origins project in with this one.

I got some walls up and floors and ceilings, the staircase and some textures on the surfaces. I began by drawing a floor plan on the computer and imported it into Maya, i then used the plan to create the basement. I then made the staircase and I found some textures/images online for the surfaces so that i could get a feel for what it could look like when it is finished.

I put lights into the project to illuminate the space, but this really was my first baby steps in Maya. I am going to model some furniture and objects that will go in the basement, like the pizza-box that The Pizza Bread Man uses as a bed.

Various notes I’ve made:

I began by imagining that pizza guy would live inside a house that had the same features as a pizza box, with pizza related shapes and stuff involved as well. But I have further developed the characters back story and want the environment they live in to reflect that. So now that Pizza guy was brought to life by a super hero character, he lives in that super heroes basement with all the other objects that the super hero has accidentally brought to life.









I have tried to think about how the camera will travel through the environment when designing the layout of the space. I don’t want the camera to end up tracking back on itself and needing to turn around- although I would also like to play around with this once the space is more developed.

So here it is, not entirely in its finished state but getting very close to the end. The rooms are built and the walls and floors, etc are textured. I have created objects to go in the scene, furniture and the venting system for example. The environment still looks a little bit bare, but as i am pushed for time i will just do as much as i can while still ensuring that i can finish and hand it in on time.

Here are some screenshots of the environment while i was lighting it, i tried to take different shots so that i could show you how i was able to improve the lighting as i went through. [Warning! – they are not in the order that i took them in]


Little concerned about the lack of shadows on the table and chairs, I will potentially have t work on that…


Here i was trying to see if i would be able to keep the corridor with no lighting, making it more moody for the camera as it comes down the stairs.

finalminlaFirst look lighting

I really like how this looks but its too dark, the red glow effect under the lamp looks nice though 😛 This was a screenshot i took before putting all the furniture in.


Here i was looking at the spread and size of the spotlight, as i wanted to use volume lights and spotlights to make it really more realistic.

loop3pizza box on table

Another shot i took before proper lighting, here we can see the pizza-box bed (the artwork for which i didn’t do myself- but i thought it looked excellent and with time a factor and with it being unlikely to be seen in the final project, i wanted to just lout something there for now so it wasn’t bare).


Too bright..






aargh my eyes!!


Shiny shiny SHINY!!! floor 😀


My soul is darkness..


Vector screenshot for the hell of it.

screenshot testsuperbright

Entering the vents…


I have just put a little volume light inside the room that’s in the vents. I may put a little torchlight on the front of the camera when we go inside the vents, but i am not sure if it will be necessary – i like the moody light at the end of the tunnel idea, as ling as its not too dark anyway.


Making a sofa…

I modelled a door handle, i ended up having to re-texture it with a simpler blinn, as i managed to do something too complicated when following a tutorial. In the end i’m much happier with the way that its come out, and it fits with the rest of the project better.


I noticed that the door handles were not showing up in the render, so i had to figure out why!



Rendered in mentalray and realised why… 😛

everythign else is dead

Here is the final door handle in the basement with the final Blinn texture.


Skirting board in and finished, i am only going to have it on a couple of (feature?) walls to enhance the environment. This reflects the fact that the character lives in a basement that the superhero who created him has had to turn into a living space for all the things he has brought to life, and he hasn’t got loads of money or time to do it properly, so the result is a basement environment which is not perfectly finished.


I decided to add more of the skirting board to the basement, and also I’ve added a load of posters to give it a more lived in feel and reflect the sort of person (superhero who turns our pizza into living beings) who lives there. I’ve also ‘painted’ some of the walls a nice blue/grey colour, instead of having so much exposed brick, this is to give it a more lived in feel, and make it look more interesting.


I was playing around with the lighting.


I changed the pivot point so that i can animate the vents opening and closing behind our character as he passes through it.


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