Origins – Developmentationalism



Names for the character:

  • Mr. Pizza
  • P-Slice
  • The Pizza Bread Man
  • (the) Pizza guy
  • Steve
  • Pizzaman
  • Super Pizza
  • Pizza invincible
  • Pizza ass
  • Mr French
  • George the 1st
  • SuperPizzaHero
  • Pepper
  • Roni
  • Cheesey
  • Stuffed-crust (AKA: SC)
  • Bernard

I like the idea that the superhero just names the creatures whatever, so sometimes its very on the nose- Mr Pizza Slice, and other times its something the superhero likes, maybe a flavour of ice pop or even a celebrity or famous character from history- Alexander the great, Napoleon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rambo, Dumbo, etc..

This character is a bit of a lovable fool, and he likes to have fun and goof off with the other residents in the superhero’s basement, he’s a bit naive and doesn’t always think things through so he’s a bit rash and only after will realise his mistakes. So he should have a name or nickname which will reflect his nature somewhat. I really like P-slice, i think that it suits the character, who has a habit of using slang that he has made up to make himself seem cooler to the older residents. But he would also have a normal ‘given’ name which could be Mr. Pepper Roni! “Nobody calls me Pepper! The names P-Slice and this here half-a-banana guy is called “BP” and DON’T NOBODY FORGLIB IT!”

Names for the animations title:

  • P-Slice : And the toothpaste of destiny!
  • P-Slice : Return of the conundruminator!
  • P-Slice rides again!
  • The Pizza Bread Man
  • P-Slice : The Revengioning
  • P-Slice : Time to Live!
  • P-Slice the SuperPizzaHero
  • P-slice saves the day!
  • P-slices best day ever!
  • P-Slice eats a few hundred pieces of rice, And other stuff too!
  • The pizza and the banana and the kiwi fruit.
  • The Slices of Pizza that live in the basement
  • P-Slice : Super hero?
  • Attack of the brains!
  • Mostly action filled actions scenes!
  • The new testament
  • The second movie you’ve seen this week
  • Accidental hero

The main character of this animation is a little pizza slice who has been accidentally brought to life by a superhero. The superhero cannot have the newly-alive creatures running wild so he keeps them as contained in his house as he can, with the least intelligent or most troublesome creatures kept in the relative safety and confinement of the basement. The creatures generally enjoy life although one or two want more, including our main character, who fancies himself as a bit of a superhero sidekick, after all they were created by a superhero who genuinely saves the world on a daily basis.

But one day the superhero disappears. What will the creatures do? Who will take charge and save the day? Will anyone be able to help themselves let alone the superhero?! Will the TV subscription run out soon?!

P-Slice and his crew are ready and willing and the others cant think of a good reason to stop them, so screw it, go for it little pizza guy! Save the day or most probably we will never see you again, but go out and live and experience!

I quite like ‘Accidental hero’ in some way. Because it could mean the superhero who accidentally keeps bringing inanimate objects to life, or those creatures that are brought alive becoming accidental heroes. Our main character P-Slice has the best intentions but the only times he does anything truly heroic is by accident. So it works on hopefully more than one level, although perhaps its too on the nose.


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