‘The Wonderful World of Pudy’ – The Line Project Final Film

For this project we were asked to create a 2D animation that tells a story using the three act structure of a character overcoming an obstacle in pursuit of an objective.

The film above is not my final film. There is no dialogue and the mouth movements when talking are not all cleaned up final versions. The film is not really complete either, but its already over 30 seconds so i cut it short and decided it would be even weirder than it already was. Cutting the story like that speaks volumes of my planning for this project.

I learned a lot about TvPaint (the software i used) from doing this little animation. I managed to squeeze a walk cycle, a little jump, (unfinished) dialogue, a bush coming to life, funny eye rolling and frantic arm-waving into this short animation. I think pushing myself to do more than required backfired a little bit here, the animation could have been a lot simpler and the story could have actually fit the brief. I had ideas which would have worked well for that stuff, but in the end i wanted to do something which was different and a bit subversive. I wanted to have a character that was funny and silly and when met with an obstacle would fail to overcome it at all. I think i spent too long planning and coming up with ideas, only to just move forward loosely with an idea and then further develop more ideas for said idea, leading to multiple ideas and characters and obstacles. It just became a bit confusing, and i could have obviously made my life a lot simpler and less confusing if i had properly organised myself and what i was doing. I think that i should have started animating a lot earlier than i did, and in the future i need to make sure i set aside more time for that.

Even though the project is finished I still plan to complete the film, the audio is recorded and just needs editing into the film. The foley for the film was all taken from the YouTube library, although i did record a little piano jingle for the intro to the animation, although i also recorded a few other intro styles as well (none of which are in this version of the film yet). In the end although the project will be over, if i can organise my time better i plan to do a few version of the film, because when recording the audio we tried a few different voices and said different stuff.


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