The Line Project – Progression

I have been working on my animation for The Line project on TvPaint, getting to grips with the tools and everything, so here are some progress videos of how its going.

I decided for now that the obstacle is a bush which wakes up and yells back at Pudy, but i may well change that into something else before Friday, i really don’t know. For this project i haven’t focused on the story as much as i have just learning different things in TvPaint. I have a walk cycle, expressions on a character, a small jump, dialogue which will hopefully look good and like the character is talking. So i have tried to use this project to get used to the software and produce something which displays a few different things, and hopefully i will be able to pull them off and make it look good.

The story has definitely suffered, although I’m confident the end product will be great, i should have decided on a story and just stuck with it, but i have this habit of just coming up with more and then getting distracted. So the story has gone in a few different directions as i have gone alone, which si great for changing things on the fly and adding new stuff, but it means that the whole thing can get lost along the way.

Anyway here’s the progress videos:



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