Llamas with hats

Llamas with hats is an animation I found on a channel called FilmCow on YouTube. From the YouTube description:

FilmCow Industries International Business Conglomerates is a full service “Internet Machine” operating out of Orlando, FL and various large ships. It is currently owned and operated by filmmaker and amature croissanteer Jason Steele.

The Llamas are voiced by Jason Steele and Chris Alex and the series was created by Jason Steele.

The reason I’m sharing this is because i just found it and it’s amazing, but also because it is about two characters, the Llamas Carl and Paul. The Llamas are found facing each other (until later episodes) and the episode is them talking and revealing the truly terrible and awful things that Carl has done.

The humour is actually really pretty dark, it starts with a dead body between the Llamas and we find out that Carl killed the guy, then cut off his hands and ate them. In the second episode Carl has murdered children and killed and sunk an entire cruise ship, and it kind of just keep escalating, which is actually pretty impressive really after what they start off with. The theme song is upbeat and happy and the llamas are like something out of a children’s book, llamas with funny hats, nice friendly colours and shades. Overall the whole thing doesn’t look or feel lie its going to be about a murderous llama, which i think helps it to be more funny, by contrast. This is definitely not going to be to everyone’s taste at all, but its funny because its so ridiculous. Carl just cant help but murder and kill, and Paul is just shocked and disappointed by Carl and his antics. Its obviously very silly and childish and not very clever but it has 2,159,620 views on YouTube, and that’s just the full episodes list compilation series long version (that I’ve posted here) which was released later when all episodes had been out already.

Pudy and Soma are not the same in the dark quality, but its still two characters who talk out a problem who get nowhere. Similarly the Llamas talk about a problem and get nowhere; in that Carl is just going to go ahead and kill everyone anyway because that’s kind of who he is.

Anyway i was looking mostly at how the two characters are animated when they are talking. Their bodies do very little moving if any and then only the mouths and eyes and eyebrows are actually animated at all. The bonus of animating that way of course is that you don’t have to redraw the bodies at all, you can just keep it simple. Especially by working on different layers in TvPaint, a layer for the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. You could even draw each mouth for each vowel and consonant sound and then simple paste them in, with a few little adjustments here and there.

One of my favourite exchanges between the two llamas is from Llamas with hats 2.

PAUL: Carl! What on earth was all that?
CARL: I’m not sure what you’re referring to.
PAUL: You sunk an entire cruise ship, Carl!
CARL: Are you sure that was me? I, I would think I’d remember something like that.
PAUL: Carl, I watched you fire a harpoon into the captain’s face!
CARL: That sounds dangerous.
PAUL: You were headbutting children off the ship!
CARL: That, uh… that must’ve been horrifying to watch!
PAUL: Then you started making out with the ice sculptures!
CARL: Well, thank God that the children weren’t on board to see it.
PAUL: Uhh.. Carl why is the lifeboat all red and sticky?
CARL: Well I guess you could say it is red and sticky.
PAUL: Caaarl, what are we standing in?
CARL: Would you believe it’s strawberry milkshake?
PAUL: No! I would not believe that!
CARL: Uhh, melted gumdrops?
CARL: Boat nectar?
CARL: Some of God’s tears?
PAUL: Tell me the truth Carl.
CARL: Fine. – It’s the lovely elderly couple from 2B.

I like it because of how the information is revealed to the audience.  Paul is so whiny and Carl is so calm and he’s so offhand about the whole thing. You killed all the people! Oh did I? Whoops… There’s something great about the fact that he’s just not bothered at all. Its like he doesn’t try to hide what he’s done at all, in fact he killed everyone in front of Paul but when Paul asks him about it he’s like what? I don’t remember doing that!? Then more pushing and he’s like maybe it was something else possibly? Then he finally admits ok yeah maybe i killed everyone.

By the way this episode has 19,249,676 views on YouTube, over 100k likes and over 23k comments. All these YouTube view stats are correct from 29th Nov 2015.

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