Elimination – Pitch [Presentation]

This is a link to the presentation we made to pitch our idea for the Elimination project.


Our idea is for three mountain climbers to get into some trouble on the mountain, one of them falls from the cliff. They are tied together with rope, like mountain climbers are known to do, and so they are trapped together half on half off the mountain in peril! They must decide what to do, pulling them back up is not an option, so cutting the rope is the only thing they can do to save themselves,s or at least two of them. One of them cuts the rope, but he cuts in the wrong place sending them to their doom.

In the presentation we talked about the idea, our plans for the set and sounds and other things that will take place or need consideration for the film. We had to try and keep it short, the presentation should haver only been three slides but we ended up doing much more than that and then couldn’t cut it down enough before we gave out presentation. Although it didn’t seem to matter much when it came to actually pitching the idea both times we did it.

This is the storyboard that Max drew for the presentation to visualise our idea better to the audience.


1_003_01_0118 1_003_01_0054 1_003_01_0031 1_003_01_0012

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