Elimination – Idea 2


We have decided as a group to go back to the drawing board and start again. We have a bunch of other ideas and we have decided that we could fulfil the brief better and produce a better film by going with a different idea.I have had loads of different ideas for this film and we have one we have discussed in particular that i think will work really well.

Here’s the basic idea:

Its a little difficult to read so ill transcribe a bit here anyway:

  • Human leaves room
  • View across the desk at all the things and the toys
  • The toys come alive!
  • Toys start chasing one toy in particular
  • Chase scenes – jumping over stuff, throwing stuff in the other toys way, losing toys along the way
  • The one toy gets cornered by the other toys
  • They throw that toy off the desk – and celebrate
  • Human re-enters the room and picks up the toy
  • replaces it on the desk (next to the other toys that just threw it off the desk!)
  • Close up on that toys face (worried expression)


One of the things i like about this idea is that we can use a load of toys and animate a few to make them all come alive, which will be visually good and fun to animate and watch. We are taking a lot of inspiration from the stop-motion film “A Town called Panic” especially for the movement. As this is a chase scene they can be falling over comically and getting up and moving in different ways.

The set is a persons desktop, and will have a lot of objects on it and therefore a lot of objects in the frame. Some of the stuff i am thinking of for the set are a computer, mugs with pencils and pens in, toys, calculator, paper, notebooks, books, a watch, magic eight ball, posters in the background, bits and bobs, a hat, pencil case, scissors, post-it notes, camera, trinkets…








Storyboard elimination


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