“Critical Manga” : Comics

For this project the task is to create a comic illustrating the rise and demise of a classic early age (pre World War 2) animator/cartoonist, taking into account their visual style and their contribution to the development of animation.

Animation has only really been around for about 120 years despite its precursors and development, characters created frame by frame projected in front of an audience really started with Winsor McCay and Gertie the dinosaur.

Sequential drawing for communicating ideas far older, Hogarths “A Rakes Progress!, the Bayeaux Tapestry or even Egyptian hieroglyphics all use image sequences [some with additional writing] to communicate ideas. Storyboarding is an important skill within the animation workflow, lets explore its evolution and relationship to comics and animation by producing a piece of work that combines form with function and content execution. 

Deadline: 7pm Friday 15th January 2016

Possible animator/cartoonists to look into:

  • Norman McLaren
  • Harry Smith
  • Winsor McCay
  • Herriman G
  • Dave Fleischer
  • Guilherme Marcondes

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