Abstraction Artists

“In contrast to industrially produced live action productions, abstract animation defies the naturalised logic of a forward-moving cause and affect narrative.” -Maureen Furniss, art of motion.

Abstraction definition by Shaun – “we none of us are inventing another world, we are taking from this world.”

“Animation offered the most flexible medium to those who wanted to free fantasy and to present views unknowns to regular cinema.”

Cubism moved into abstract. This all became codified thanks to the schooling at the Bauhaus.

Paul Klee – pedagogical sketchbook (worth a look)

Wassily Kandinsky 1866-1944 : He defined abstraction. He also described synaesthesia as painting sound as colour. “Its like painting music.. ..that sounds blue.” He was interesting in colour.

He influences many animators with his unique stylised art.

Viking Eggeling 18880-1925 : Abstract German animator.

Walter Ruttmann 1887-1941 : Abstract German animator. Opus  – Nice use of colours, flowing and appearing and disappearing.

Oskar Fischinger (Oscar Fishfinger) 1900-1967 : Optical poem – animation to music. (FANTASIA!)

Len Lye 1901-1980 : New Zealand artist known for experimental animations. Used discarded and unwanted film of the ocean in his animation.

Stan Brackage 1933-2003 : Experimental film maker. Moth wings

Norman McLaren 1914-1987 : Scottish born animator. He scratched and painted on the actual film stock itself.

Harry Smith 1914-1987 : Visual artist and experimental film-maker. (record collector, bohemian, mystic)

William Burroughs – Weird. Used to cut up film and then stick it back together.


Shaun Quotes from today:

“I can almost see the hippos!”

“These are the best blobs yet!”

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