Dragonframe is stop-motion software. It was used for ParaNorman, The BoxTrolls and Disney’s Frankenweenie.

Notes for using dragonframe.

-Create new scene

-Capture- videos setting- scale to 1920×1080 – RGB 24.

Cinematography and focus the camera.

onion skin: opacity down and frames up

Motion trails: use pencil and draw an arc where he is going to move (select- red- thick) increment editor – choose frames per second – start slow and end faster to give illusion of speeding up. (two curve tools with extra points in the middle to create pacing and guidelines)

Press Enter to take the a picture/ frame.

If you need to delete a frame you can do it on the exposure sheet (to the left) and the frames will organise themselves.

Export image sequence – format PNG – change the name – and the exposure – four digits – choose location – export.

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