Stop Motion Research

I have been looking at various animations as inspiration for ‘found object’ animation, this post is all about that.

York Found Object Animation – This is a 30 second animation using found objects, the wires make up the tree and the colourful stones are the leaves, the wind is simulated by some white material and by moving the objects around. This animation uses the ground as the background, so this is probably not what we are going to do for ours, as we intend to build a set for our animation. The animation is simple, and so is the story, probably too simple for me as all that happens is the leaves are blown around and off the tree. It shows that they can animate something, but its not funny or anything really, and i think we could probably do a little more with 30 seconds really.

Stop Motion Found Object Animation – This is a 21 second animatin of a bird made out of scissors and other found objects. Like the last animation it doesn’t tell much of a story, the bird just keeps dipping its beak into the water.

PES is a great example of using found objects for animation. So here are a load of them that i watched for inspiration, they are really cool but dont use a lot of toys as characters or anything, which is more what we will be doing.

Western Spagetti by PES

Washington State Lottery by PES – An advert made by PES for television.

Coinstar by PES

Scrabble by PES – Uses some toys to represent the words used in the scrabble game. Really cool little 34 second animation telling a story about scrabble using found objects.

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