Charles Huettner

Charles Huettner is a freelance artist and animator who lives in Pennsylvania, USA. He is part of the Late Night Work Club which is a collection of indie animators who do independent, non-commercial work. Its basically an excuse for awesome animators to come together and make personal, experimental or even vital animation that just needs to be made!

Love love love love love! This is an amazing piece and has a really strong story which is told really effectively. I really like the style of the animation and how it looks and feels in general.


Black Forest is the life-cycle of a little blob guy and could be looped infinitely. I really like the character design and the sound and look all work really well to create a bit of unease, the audience is not sure what’s going to happen to this guy when he is created, but he is super cute and interesting.

Another super cool loop aniamtion called Hallucinator about a bird and its life-cycle.

 Link for Late Night Work Club peeps:

Link for his website:

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