Stop Motion Research – Sets

We are going to be designing our own sets for this project, so i have decided to have a look at some existing sets used for various animations and post some cool reference pictures here.

Things to think about: Props for the set, which will dress the set. Lighting, and consistent lighting. What will house the set, will it be portable, will that be a problem? Continuation issues, so making sure we are ready to film and have everything organised and ready.

Sets from ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’

set 2

set 3

Set from ‘Paranorman’

set 5

set 6

Sets from ‘A Town called Panic’

set 7

I really like the use of painted skies in all their exterior sets.

set 8

set 9

set 10

Various other sets:

set c

set d

set e

Various ideas for things to use and styles for sets and things:

wave carpet

A reminder that anything can be used to make the set if you use your imagination.

set b

A simple snowy set.

set a

Really cool paper set, the background sky is a very simple one colour so as to not distract from the colourful mountain set and presumably the characters when they are animated.


A cute little forest set with paper grass and a simple background.

set 1

I really like the way this set looks, the whiteness and cleanness of the lines may not work for all stories, but it definitely gives it a really unique and stylistic feel to the whole set.


For this set they have also painted a background, to make it appear as though the forest goes deeper and further than it does to create more realism and depth to the animation.

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