Phone App Walk Cycles

Over the summer break we were asked to look at and make our own walk cycles. Walk cycles are a series of frames or illustrations drawn in sequence that loop to create an animation of a walking character. Walk cycles can be looped to create the effect that the character is walking continuously. I made these using an app on my phone.

Walk cycles can be broken up into key frames. Contact and passing, when the foot makes contact, and when one leg passes by the other. Frames are then drawn in between these key frames to make a smooth walk cycle. When animating a walk cycle it is important to remember not only the legs move, but the arms, head and body all move, and the body often dips up and down as a character walks, there is a literal spring in your step!


Making my way down town

heeeey - Imgur

out for a stroll - Imgur

wo - Imgur

duckguy - Imgur


walk cycle practice - Imgur (1)

walk cycle practice - Imgur

Funny mistake when animating my walk cycle OC - Imgur

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