Project 1 – Pixilation

When coming up with ideas we need to keep ‘the trick’ in mind. We need to do something which will allow us to show off the techniques that are possible when animating with pixilation. Like things appearing out of nowhere or changing into other things for example.

We are tasked with creating a thirty second animation which is twelve frames per second, so that means we have to take three hundred and sixty photographs for the whole film. Once we decide on an idea we can storyboard that idea fully and then collect everything we need for the film before shooting it on camera. We will then use Adobe Premier to edit our picture together into a finished film with a title and sounds.

This first idea is about a person who cannot get inside the building, their card just doesn’t work. So they use their super powers and fly in magically!


This next idea is about two guys discovering they make money every time they shake hands, and they cant believe it ITS CRAZY! So they decide to go celebrate and it turns out one has kidnapped the other so that he can make money all he wants forever!!


Another idea i had was about someone who spills a drink on their top and wishes for a fairy god-mother type to appear and help her! Then when the fairy god-mother or ‘clothes witch’ appears she changes the characters clothes and then a few more transformations which get out of control, becoming sillier. Finally the story would end with the transformed girl chasing after the witch off screen.

As it is only a thirty second story we have to keep it simple. We want to do something funny, and something which will utilise the techniques available when doing pixilation animation. For example the clothes witch will come flying in on a broom, and then the actual transformations themselves as well.

We have basically decided that we want to do our animation about the clothes witch as it will be fun to do all the transformations, we can show different tricks with the witches flight and transforming stuff, and Maria gets to dress up as a witch as well!

We did some test shots at the University, I operated the camera and Lottie and Maria did the acting. We just used a small broom and did a couple of flights across to see what looked better, and we also did some clothes changes with our own jackets and coats.


Maria is supposed to be doing the clothes’witch dances she does in between each transformation, so that the magic will work, the dancing is key to the magic 😛 I think we could have some really cool music and sounds, and some effects when the transformations happen. We need to think about all the different transformations we want to do, how many we need to do in the time we have as well.

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