Pixilation is a stop motion technique where actors are photographed frame-by-frame, by moving a little in between each photograph a bit like a puppet, so when the final product is watched back together like a film it appears as if they are moving. Different techniques can be achieved using this technique, like teleportation, levitation and magic, a true pixilation expert can render another man completely helpless in less than three seconds and a master of pixilation could p;potentially take over the world one day.

We were put into groups and decided to come up with some ideas after we had done some independent research on pixilation, I was in a group with Lottie and Maria. There are many examples of pixilation out there, here are a few videos from YouTube that I looked at when researching pixilation for this project. Some are professional and some are students work, but there are some great examples of the sorts of techniques you can achieve when using pixilation for animation.

You and I – Christian Narvaez

This animation is shot from above and the floor is the background. Lots of props and things are used to tell the story and its a very big project. Would be interesting to see how they mounted the camera, perhaps a really big tripod..

Pixelation done in Media – New Channel

This aniamtion is simpler than the last, but uses lots of props and in fact the actors hair to animate the scene.

Target Dreaming Girl Commercial – Teajay74

This is a professional commercial with an industry budget and is a fantastic example of the last two forms of Pixilation. Lots of props and the actors flying around the landscape. There is a story to tell, as is expected from a professional advertisement.

Lost Things – Ithyle Griffiths

Another beautiful pixilation animation made for a music video. The actor goes from acting in 3d space and then through a black hole to a world where the background is the floor. This is a good use of both these styles of pixilation.

Student Pixelation project ‘The Great Chair Chase’ – Pandamagic Studios

A fun short animation about people and some chairs and chasing one another. A simple story which shows the pixilation techniques really well, I’m not a fan of the music but it kind of works with the story and everything..

Stop Motion Karate – Corridor Digital

Really cool use of the floor as the background, because lots of action shots and impossible fights can be performed and portrayed effectively. This one rocks.

Stop Motion Parkour – Corridor Digital

Much like the last, its totally rad

Pixelation Daydream -Eat MyShorts

Uses props well, the floor is background. There is only music and no sounds, so when he’s riding a skateboard he doesn’t make any skateboard sounds.

Pixelation Short Film – Billy With Talent

Used props in the real world to help tell the story.


Just uses hands to really amazing effect.  Really effective use of tricks in pixilation.

Pixelation short film – Saisunder Talari

Uses a hand which appears from off screen to animate someone uses pixilation. Really interesting interaction between the giant hand and the character.

Chair Race – Pixelation – Donny Johnson

Pixelation – Juanfor Gordillo

Stop motion (Pixillation, Pixelation, Classical) – Ali Ogul

Stop Motion en post ot se,aome de l’animation 2010 -Willy Richard

***** The best stop motion video EVER ***** – Revision3

Week 6 – experimental animation: pixelation – Sarahjane Bernhisel

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